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The Creed, Survey of Theology



Introduction to Theology. Third Edition. Owen C. Thomas, Ellen K. Wondra, Morehouse Publishing. Harrisburg, 2002






The Creed


1. God the Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth

2. Jesus Christ, the Son of God

3. The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

4. The Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

5. The Holy Spirit, the Church, the Communion of Saints

6. The Resurrection of the Dead and Eternal Life

7. Epilogue on the Creed: Father Joe's Perspectives and Answers to Questions




Survey of Theology


1. The Doctrine of God

2. The Doctrine of the Trinity

3. The Doctrine of the Person of Jesus, Part 1. Classic Christology

4. The Doctrine of the Person of Jesus, Part 2. Modern Views and Concerns

5. The Doctrine of Salvation in Christ

6. The Doctrines of Human Nature, Sin, and Grace

7. The Doctrine of the Church

8. The Doctrine of the Sacraments

9. Christianity and the World Religions

10. Last Things: The Christian Hope