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Paul's Letter to the Romans




Paul intended his letters to be read publicly before the congregation. In the eyes of the rest of the Christian world, the Roman congregation shared the prestige of the imperial capital. Perhaps for this reason, Romans is Paul's longest letter and the most systematic presentation of his theology.


We reviewed Paul's letter to the Romans in six sessions from Mar. 4, 2001 to Apr. 29, 2001 using a video series Romans. The Greatest Letter Even Written featuring the Anglican scholar N. T. Wright, Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey in London.



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1. Introduction to Paul's Letter to the Romans

Handout (22KB)  

2. Romans 1-4. God's Justice Revealed in Christ


3. Romans 5-8. God's New Exodus in Christ

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4. Romans 9-11. God's Faithfulness to Israel


5. Romans 12-16. God's People in God's World


6. Romans Then and Now

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The session titles are taken from the video series Romans. The Greatest Letter Even Written.


Presentations were by David Monyak.







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Reference on N.T. Wright

A Christianity Today article from 1999 on Wright, from a series "The New Theologians," is available at this link in the Christianity Today web site.