Our Universe as God can see it. The Millennium simulation ran for more than 1 month at the Max Planck Society Supercomputing Center in Germany, recreating the evolution of more than 20 million galaxies populating a 2 billion light-year cube of our universe. This video is a 2.4 billion light-year journey through that simulation of our universe. We travel between a vast lacework made up of innumerable galaxies, approaching and flying around a rich cluster of galaxies. Background music from: Richard Davy, "O Domine Caeli Terraeque for 5 voices," The Pillars of Eternity, Eton Choirbook Volume 3. Harry Christopher, conductor. (Amazon link to music.). Prologue and background music added by David Monyak.

We live in an increasingly secular world, and “naturalism” — the view nothing exists except matter and the physical world — is growing. As Christians, we defend a far more optimistic and transcendent world view. In this series, we review how discoveries in modern astronomy and cosmology are (1) compatible with a belief in a creator God, and (2) can be most rationally explained by a creator God who deliberately created a universe — or multiverse — that would become fruitful of life.

Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Presentations

1: Introduction. A Universe with a Beginning. 2020 revision. Powerpoint file 175 MB

2: A Universe Finely Tuned for Life. 2020 revision. Powerpoint file 36.7 MB

3: A Multiverse with a Beginning? An Orderly, Rational, Comprehensible, Beautiful Universe. 2020 revision. Powerpoint file 81.2 MB

Supplement: A Multiverse with a Beginning (original 2012 presentation)



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