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Exploring Membership in the

Community of St. John in the Wilderness




On Sundays during Lent of 2003, we are looking together at who we are as Episcopalians, and how we got that way, and what makes us unique.


We meet in the Parish Hall on Sundays from 10 to 11 am. Our goals are to:

  • help those looking for a spiritual home or a specific spiritual community to identify whether Anglican Christianity or St. John's is for them

  • help parents looking for better ways to express spiritual truth to their children

  • help those who seek a greater involvement in church leadership and a better grasp of St. John's parish and its spiritual roots


The meetings are conversational in nature, opening with some presentation by the clergy or lay leaders of St. John's and finishing with exchanges of stories and insights among participants.


Please join us! All are welcome.






Mar. 2: 1. Who Are We? Part I. 

Who are these Episcopalians? Where do they come from historically?

Who are we (the participants) and where do we come from, personally and spiritually?

Mar 9: 2. Who Are We? Part II. 

Christianity among world religions.

Anglican Christians among other Christian expression.

The way we (Anglicans, Episcopalian, Diocese, Parish) decide things. Some current and recent issues with which we struggle.

Mar. 16: 3. How We Read the Bible. How We Worship

How we read the Bible.

How we use the Bible in worship.

Mar. 23: 4. Baptism, Confirmation, Reception, and Communion

Initiation as a sacramental act: Baptism, confirmation, reception and communion; when and how, what age, what to know?

How we worship.

Mar. 30: 5. Belonging to a Community

Initiation as community incorporation. Belonging to communities in general, to church communities in particular, and to St. Johns specifically.

Apr. 6: 6. Opportunities to Participate. Obstacles to Commitment

Opportunities to participate and to influence.

Confronting outer and inner obstacles to commitment.



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