How Are We Saved?

All Christian traditions agree: God created us in God's own image and likeness for an unending life luminous with the presence of God. But sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, effacing and corrupting that image of God within us, severing our inheritance of unending life with God. For us — and to save us — the Son or logos of the one triune God became incarnate as Jesus Christ, lived among us, suffered death by crucifixion, and rose from the dead.

But the various Christian traditions — Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, Baptist, Methodist — differ when they describe how God saves us, differences in language, in emphasis, and sometimes in substance, and these differences can lead to profoundly different Christian spiritualities, in how we view ourselves, and how we live our life in this world.

In this series, we dissect, critique, and honor these differences, asking and wrestling with that most important of questions, "How are we saved?" Presentations were by David Monyak.

Downloads: Presentations

1. Saved ... From What? Saved ... For What?

2. Grace vs. Free Will. What is Faith?

3. Justification and Sanctification

4. Theories of At-One-ment.

5. Eternity Security, Blessed Assurance (or Not)

6. Purgatory. Do We Need "Elevating" Grace? The Origin of Our Souls and Original Sin. The Energies of God

7. Salvation: East and West


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