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The History of Christianity: Brief Survey 4. Christianity in the West, 1750 to the Present

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(These topics are largely taken from Chapter 13 in An Introduction to Christianity. Alister E. McGrath. Blackwell Publishers, Cambridge. 1997)


Intellectual Movements that Influenced Western Christianity




Christianity in Europe: The French Revolution 

Christianity in America: The "Great Awakening" and the American Revolution 

The Development of Catholicism after 1800


The Rise of Catholic Modernism

The Second Vatican Council

The Development of Protestantism after 1800

Liberal Protestantism


The Rise of Fundamentalism

The Emergence of Evangelicalism

The Rise of Charismatic and Pentecostal Movements




Brief Survey of the History of Christianity


1. The Early Church to c. 700

2. The Middle Ages, c. 700 to c. 1500

3. The Reformation of the Church

4. Christianity in the West, 1750 to the Present

5. The Rise of Christianity in the Developing World