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The History of Christianity: Brief Survey 2. The Middle Ages, c. 700 to c. 1500

PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) of the overhead transparencies used in this presentation are available on the download page




1. Christianity in the East 

1.1. Emperor and Patriarch  

1.2. Bishops and Priests 

1.3. Doctrines, Heresies and Schisms 

1.4. Leading Theologians 

1.5. Fall of Constantinople

2. Christianity in the West

2.1. Popes vs Kings and Emperors 

2.2. Monks and Friars 

2.3. Theologians and Reformers 

2.4. Cathedrals and Gothic Architecture




Brief Survey of the History of Christianity


1. The Early Church to c. 700

2. The Middle Ages, c. 700 to c. 1500

3. The Reformation of the Church

4. Christianity in the West, 1750 to the Present

5. The Rise of Christianity in the Developing World