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The History of Christianity: Brief Survey 1. The Early Church to c. 700

Last update Dec. 19, 2001

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1. Overview major events, people using timeline 

2. The early Christian community 

3. Persecution of the early church 

4. Major theological disputes 

5. The champions of orthodoxy: St Ambrose, St. Jerome and St. Augustine 

6. Monasticism 

7. Celtic Christianity and Christianity in Britain




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The Story Of Christianity, Justo L. Gonzalez. Prince Press (an imprint of Hendrickson Publishers), Peabody, MA. 1999. Originally published in two volumes by HarperCollins Publishers, 1984 and 1985




Brief Survey of the History of Christianity


1. The Early Church to c. 700

2. The Middle Ages, c. 700 to c. 1500

3. The Reformation of the Church

4. Christianity in the West, 1750 to the Present

5. The Rise of Christianity in the Developing World