Healing the Sick: Health Care Access

Is health care a basic right, something fundamental that we deserve, something owed to us, something we should expect? Or is it optional, a nice thing to have, a way of assuaging the bite of a few of the many bad things life throws at us?

If health care is our right, who owes it to us? Is it purely our responsibility? Is it God's problem? Am I, are we responsible somehow for your health care?

If basic health care is a fundamental human right we all deserve, a basic human right we as a people owe each other, how do we do it fairly? How do we do it justly? How do we fairly share the benefits and burdens of health care?

If basic health care is a fundamental human right, can we ever place "limits" on how much care we should give to a person? Can we ever limit or "ration" the care we give to a person — a person who is a child of God, and hence "priceless"?

As Christians, as followers of Jesus, how should we answer these questions?

Presentation was by David Monyak, M.D., Staff Radiation Oncologist, Virgina Piper Cancer Institute, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, MN

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Healing the Sick: Health Care Access



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