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The Eucharist 4. The Eucharist as Sacrifice

PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) and .ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint Format) files of the presentation for this session are available for download from the Eucharist Home Page and the Download page. On-line notes are in the works.



1. Meaning of Sacrifice

2. The Sacrifices in the Eucharist

2.1. The Self-offering of Jesus

2.1.1. The Last Supper and the Passover

2.1.2. Remembrance = Anamnesis = Re-presenting

2.1.3. Reasons for Jesus' Sacrifice

2.2. The Offerings of the Worshippers

2.2.1. Basis

2.2.2. What We Can Offer

2.3. The Relationship Between the Self-offering of Jesus and the Offerings of the Worshippers





The Eucharist


1. Introduction to the Sacraments

2. The Eucharist as a Meal

3. The Eucharist as the Real Presence of Christ

4. The Eucharist as Sacrifice

5. The Practice of Reservation. Conclusions