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Living as an Episcopalian




What is Episcopalian Christianity? How are we distinctive from other branches of Christianity? On Wednesday evenings during Lent of 2001 we explored our history, worship and faith as Episcopalians in this five part series.

Note this series was updated in 2015 with PowerPoint presentations under the title Christianity in Episcopal Tints.



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1 Living as an Episcopalian: Our History

Overheads (40KB)

Handout (46KB)

Overheads (40KB)

Handout (203KB)

2. Living as an Episcopalian: Worship

Overheads (40KB)

Handout (34KB)

Overheads (41KB)

Handout (135KB)

3. Living as an Episcopalian: The Church's Teaching and the Bible

Overheads (56KB)

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Overheads (48KB)

Handout (125KB)

4. Living as an Episcopalian: Spirituality

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Handout (181KB)

5. Living as an Episcopalian: Ministry and Organization. The Church's Mission

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Reference List

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All the overheads or handouts, plus the reference list, in a single .pdf file

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Presentations were by David Monyak.








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