Christianity in Episcopal Tints

Part of our journey in the Church is learning (and hearing again) its stories: where it came from, what it believes, how it worships, how it understands the Bible and God, how it reaches out to the rest of the world. Our history, beliefs, and even our governing structure as American Christians in the Anglican tradition -- as Episcopalians -- take a variety of perspectives and voices into account. Episcopalians value what is revealed about God and God's will in the continuing conversation among people of many Christian perspectives.

If you want to learn if this Church's story might resonate with your own story, or if you want to better understand why you are drawn here, and how your own story is (or can be) part of the larger story of our Church, then explore this series.

Downloads: Presentations

1. History

2. Worship

3. The Church's Teaching and the Bible

4. Spirituality

5. Ministry and Organization. The Church's Mission



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